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SJ Dance is an exclusive dance studio located on the Sunshine Coast in Warana, providing high quality dance training with beneficial personal tuition.  Our state of the art studio gives 100% Personal attention so that your child feels supported in an encouraging, friendly and professional environment. We focus on strengthening student’s personal growth offering young and aspiring dancers individual attention so that each child’s needs are met at their own level.


Our classes are capped for ultimate Personal attention so no student is left behind and that’s what sets us apart from others. 



Our aim is to not only teach dance and provide our students with professional training but we aim to assist our students with co-ordination, confidence, self-esteem and social skills in a friendly and positive environment. We have confidence in making sure each and every student/parent walks out of our studio feeling completely happy and satisfied with the type of experience we have to offer. We aim to create opportunities for our students with whichever pathway they take.




SJ Dance believes each and every student is equally important. That’s why we have introduced a student care program to ensure parents are kept informed with their child’s progress through our dance classes. Each class is designed to build confidence and to inspire students to shine and excel in dance. Whether the student is looking for a career in the industry or comes to class for fun and fitness, we take care and pride in each individual dancer. 


With our student care program our teachers take time to evaluate each student’s strengths and weaknesses so they can develop to their full potential. Regular meetings with our teachers can be organized to guide your dancer in the right direction.


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Here at SJ Dance we pride ourselves on every family that walk through our doors have a positive experience. Our Qualified Team of Teacher’s will nurture and support your child’s love for dance and help them to progress to their full potential.