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At SJ Dance our team have a passion for the Performing Arts and early childhood learning. Our qualified teachers and assistant teachers have a nurturing approach to the education of our littlest superstars and love to share their love for dance with every child that walks through the SJ Doors and begins their dance journey with us. 

We are here to support and guide our dancers from the little superstars they are and all the way through to young adults. Many of our students have been with us since the very beginning of SJ DANCE at just 3 years old and are now flourishing in dance and have gained so much confidence, life long friends and opportunities in the industry.






for preschoolers aged 2-4yrs!

SJ Dance offers a Beginner dance program for ages 2-4yrs that introducers the foundation of dance in a 30 or 45 minute class. We have created this program for young children to experience a positive and magical start to dance by taking them on a truly fairylike experience while using creative movements that develop rhythm, core strength and balance. This Class is a combined class that includes the genres - BALLET / TAP & JAZZ.

This is the perfect class for any child who loves it all and wants to do more then 1 genre in their dance class. 



Walking to 2 yrs! 

Join our Saturday morning Mummy and Me dance classes for a wonderful opportunity to step out of the house and connect with fellow new moms. In this delightful class, a parent or guardian actively participates alongside their little ones, creating shared moments of joy and movement. The session is a lively introduction to dance, featuring engaging music, nursery rhymes, and the use of props to make the experience both fun and interactive. Inspired by children's natural inclinations to run, skip, gallop, jump, and turn, the class provides a playful platform for toddlers to express their boundless energy. Designed for toddlers, our program recognizes and encourages their inherent need to move. It not only fosters physical activity but also nurtures imaginative and creative responses. As your child enjoys the rhythmic journey, the class contributes to the development of essential gross motor skills and coordination.


for preschoolers aged 2-4yrs!

SJ Dance offers a 30 minute HIP HOP ONLY class for ages 2-4yrs. Our students will start class with a fun warm up then move into learning some cool Hip Hop tricks and finishing off with learning a Hip Hop combo that they can go home and practice with. It is a super fun class and allows students to free dance and express themselves.

This is the perfect class for any child who loves to dance to up tempo music and freestyle. We love to see our students express themselves through dance in our studio. The best part of all, we put on our fairy lights at the end of the class and let our bodies move however they feel. Your little one will come out of their dance class beaming with energy showing all their cool moves they learnt. 


for preschoolers aged 2-4yrs!

SJ Dance offers a Beginner Acrobatic classes to teach children the foundations of tumbling and acrobatic stunts. This class is a 30 minute class and is often taken by students looking to develop strength, flexibility and new skills. 


for preschoolers aged 2-4yrs!


Want to enrol or trial our classes, contact us today for our Enrolment Pack and Timetable!


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