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Our Premises

We strive to see student’s passion, love and drive for dance and we believe the best way to learn is to be in an inspiring dance environment. SJ Dance Studio prides itself on being unique with a brand new PREMISES with 3 state of the art studios.  We have selected the latest technology in sprung flooring and a professional Vinyl dance surface, now used by elite national and international dance companies. Our studios all have full length safety mirrors and an incredible sound and lighting system. There are Kitchen and bathroom facilities including change rooms available, we have also created a comfortable and relaxing viewing room for parents to watch their child in the purpose built ballet studio. We have a  student lounge for our SJ students to relax before or after their classes. 



"Watch your childs dreams come to life at SJ Dance Studio"                                      


  • 3 state of the art studios

  • Purpose built ballet studio

  • Spacious Dance Environment

  • Latest sprung flooring with a Tarkett finish

  • A comfortable and Relaxing Viewing Room for parents

  • Student lounge

  • Exceptional Sound and Lighting Systems

  • Bathroom/Change rooms and Kitchen Facilities

  • Dance & Fitness Equipment

  •  Modern Ballet Bars






"Hi Sam,


Just a quick email to say how happy I am that we have made the move over to SJ dance.


We were happy with our last dance school and left on good terms but we could not commit to them this year with their timetable....... I think it was a sign :) and we were meant to find your school. 

To say Hannah is loving her new classes is a understatement!!! Since joining your school she is doing more technical moves and gaining more strength. Her love of dancing has grown more than I thought possible. All she wants to do is dance. She also likes that most of the girls in her class are older as she loves watching and learning from them as well.


I absolutely couldn't be happier with the teachers Hannah has, they both have different styles of teaching but Hannah responds well and loves being in their class.

'm very excited to watch your school grow and see where you will take it and my Hannah in the future :) 

Thank you so much for everything you have been doing, we are very happy to be apart of the SJ dance family."


Kindest regards 

Karli Stewart





"Well I have nothing but huge praise for you & SJ Dance. You are an amazing teacher & your passion for dance & dedication to your students shines through in your classes. Sophie just adores dance class with you & she feels comfortable within the SJ dance family (important for a little one to be happy in their environment).  I must say all the students & parents I've met too via the concert & Saturday classes seem lovely & they have high praise for you so that says it all:-)

Keep up the good work & thank you for your amazing teaching!"


Cheers Sinead Campbell






Hi Samantha,


Thank you so much for an amazing first term. Caela has absolutely loved it and is so enthusiastic and driven to dance. She comes home after class and then still wants to practise again and again. She is thriving being in the elite team, so thank you again for giving her the opportunity. She has developed a wonderful little friendship with Hannah and Jorja, which I am also stoked about. It truly is a strong support system for her away from school.

The teachers at SJ Dance seem to have found the right balance between pushing the girls to try their hardest and give their best, while still maintaining positive, encouraging feedback. From the things that Caela tells me you are the strictest teacher :), but on the other hand of that though when you give her praise it means the most to her. She is so proud to relay any feedback you give her.

We couldn't be happier that we are part of the SJ Dance family. My only concern is the tricky hairstyles you choose for performances!! I am not good at hair :(


Kind regards,



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